Land of Prosecco D.O.C.G.

From a special land a unique product. Organic Prosecco D.O.C.G. is the best selection our land can offer.
The Valdobbiadene, Conegliano and Asolo area situated in the Veneto region of north East Italy in the province of Treviso is a sight to behold. A brand new evocative scenary with distinctive features made up of steep slopes such as the Dolomites that can be seen in the background and the gentle slopes that dominate the endless rows of grapevines.

These lands scent of fine wine and pleasant flavours. Its wine culture roots which date back to 1772 have deeply marked the landscape making it one of the most enchanting landscapes in Italy. For this reason it is running for UNESCO World heritage.

The picturesque views that await you will take you on a sensorial journey made up of gentle and steeper sunblessed hills where artistic and historical treasures are longing to be discovered.

A fascinating land holding unexpected surprises and where it’s a pleasure to lose yourself in search of ancient traces of mankind and the peoples culture of wine who have made an art out of it.

Only here on the hills of Valdobbiadene, Conegliano and Asolo with their hill slopes that extend from East to West the marine breeze of the Adriatic sea encounters the fresh air of the Prealps giving birth to Organic Prosecco D.O.C.G.


The position between the Prealps and the sea guarantees a mild climate with a constant ventilation that allow the grapes to dry quickly after the typical summer storms that are frequent in this area.
The natural position of the hills that extend from East to west are best exposed to the sun. Here the finest scents are developed owing to the altitude that varies from 100 to 500m a.s.l. and the day and night temperature range.
The natural position of the hills that extend from East to west are best exposed to the sun. Here the finest scents are developed owing to the altitude that varies from 100 to 500m a.s.l. and the day and night temperature range.
Over the centuries Prosecco has found its ideal habitat. They love the rain but not fond of stagnated conditions and the natural slopes of the hills assure that the frequent rainwater is always drained.


The making of Organic Prosecco D.O.C.G. entails the right balance between man’s activity and the living microorganisms.

The winemakers of Organic Prosecco D.O.C.G are fully aware of the importance of looking after the grapevine and its soil. The wellbeing of the vineyards lie in the grower’s hands and that’s why they take particular care in maintaining the plant and soil healthy which in turn does the same for the ecosystem.

The attention is focused on the impact that a treatment can have on nature. In Organic Prosecco no pesticides are used whatsoever and only environmentally-friendly and natural products are applied to the grapevines which are harmless to man and nature.
Each treatment carried out is to protect and feed the plant in order to preserve the natural and delicate balance.

Organic is a new way of thinking and Prosecco is following this mindset. To think and act organic means to respect nature’s rhythms when it comes to winemaking.

The grape harvest is an ancient tradition and is regarded as an important moment for our land. Every single grape is picked by hand and becomes the fruit of an ancient art which creates a special bond between man and nature.


The origins of the Valdobbiadene Conegliano and Asolo hills go back in time to the rising of the seabeds. The melting of the Dolomites glacier brought various sediments downhill which over the centuries gave shape to the hills; consequently the soils of this territory are a mix of rock and sand containing a considerable amount of clay sometimes rich in iron oxides.

Whereas in the unaffected areas the soils are less deep and of marine origin made up of marls and sandstones.

This has led to the co-existence of different types of soil and the shaping of the hills finding that the Conegliano hills are indeed gentler while the south-facing ones of Valdobbiadene are slightly steeper.

Each combination of slope, sun exposure and soil generate its own microzone and this is perfectly characterised in every bottle of wine.

Candidate of UNESCO World Heritage

The extraordinary beauty of this land has deserved to be nominated for UNESCO world heritage. It is regarded as a true cultural landscape so as to say an original site that has the perfect synergy between man and nature.

The hills of Prosecco D.O.C.G. in particular, are the fruits of a process that has been occurring for millions of years through which the local communities with their artistic and productive cultures have got together to meet the demands of the physical environment so fragile yet so unique.